Radio Program «Cause and Effect»

Within the programming of Radio Universidad AM 1240, researchers from the Institute have carried out since 2012, the "Cause and Effect" Program, led by Dr. Gabriela Cabeza. It addresses the phenomena of Physics and its related disciplines in a didactic and entertaining way, focusing on the presence of this science in everyday life. The broadcast was awarded in April 2015 with a prize and three special mentions from the Argentine-Uruguayan binational contest "Río de los Pájaros", given by the Fundación Paralelo Turístico and the Ministry of Culture and Communication of Entre Ríos to TV and radio programs . "Cause and Effect" obtained the statuette in the category "Dissemination", and the mentions in the categories "Creativity", "Cultural Educational" and "Female Locution". The program had already been awarded in 2014 with the “Lanín de Oro” awarded by the Patagonian Association of Art, Culture and Communication in the category “Creativity-Originality on Radio AM”.